[Gmsh] coherence tetra and hexa mesh

gerard.fleury at inrs.fr gerard.fleury at inrs.fr
Thu Jun 28 15:14:55 CEST 2018


I like using Gmsh and I have recently discovered the version 3.0 with the 
new capabilities offered by OpenCascade.

I use it but there is an issue I never managed to fix, namely how to mesh 
a volume with a mix of tetrahedra and hexahedra.

Please, find attached, a simple example to illustrate my question.

Is it possible to make coherent both meshes, ie; the tetrahedral mesh of 
the sphere and the hexahedral mesh of the cube?

I have read in the documentation about the QuadTri Algorithm but I never 
managed to make it rum. Is this the way to follow or are there other 
commands available in Gmsh? 

I would be very grateful for any help and/or suggestions.

Kind regards



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