[Gmsh] Duplicate Nodes at a Physical Interface

Sanghavi, Chaitanya chaitanya.sanghavi at siemens.com
Mon Jul 16 13:19:21 CEST 2018


Firstly, I really appreciate the work done in Gmsh and it's really a wonderful tool for researchers. Thanks for this.

I have a question about Node duplication at a physical interface of a computational domain. Imagine I have a computational domain in 2D with two rectangles sharing a physical interface.
I want to duplicate nodes at this physical interface in both the rectangles.  See the Fig.

So basically, I can create a tag for the entities on this physical interface.
Physical Line (1) = Line {A,B} where A,B are the points on the physical interface.
I need the same entities i.e.
Physical Line (2) = Line{B,A} in the neighboring rectangle.

Since I use the same line, I cannot create this tag.

If its possible to create additional line elements on this physical interface from both sides, this would be the ideal scenario.

Important point is that the mesh should be conformal at this physical interface.

Chaitanya Sanghavi

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