[Gmsh] Mesh file format v4

Alessandro Vicini alessandro.vicini at sitael.com
Wed Aug 29 14:11:15 CEST 2018

Any hint...?


I generate a mesh using the latest v4.0 executable. If I look at the statistics I see 24207 nodes and 125393 tetrahedra.
I export the mesh file using both v2 and v4 ascii formats. Now, in the v2 format file I see:


While in the v4 format file I see:

887 24177

My question is: why the total number of nodes is different in the two files, and why is it different from what I see in the statistics?
By the way, if I generate the mesh with version 3.0.6 I obtain a different number of nodes and tetrahedral using the same meshing options; do I have to expect this? Thanks.


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