[Gmsh] How can I mesh a CAD model and set physical surfaces automatically?

Wesley Ranger metorm at outlook.com
Tue Sep 18 06:27:27 CEST 2018

Hello everyone:

I am currently working on a system which is aimed at automatically generating meshes for specific CAD models. The CAD model has different boundary conditions on different surfaces, so I have to create several physical groups for the model.

The problem is, I cannot find a proper way to pass the boundary conditional information to gmsh. All the geometries in gmsh are identified by numbers, which would change when the CAD model is topologically changed.

I had once developed a similar system. In that system, I paint several colors on different patches of the CAD model and then read the color property of the exported  *.step file.  In gmsh, however, I didn’t found proper geo command to read CAD properties (such as model color) from step files.

So, anyone please tell me any proper route to port the boundary condition information from CAD to gmsh? Thanks a lot!


Ran Wei
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