[Gmsh] Mesh refinement along line

Octavio Castillo Reyes ocastilloreyes at gmail.com
Fri Oct 5 11:16:08 CEST 2018

Dear mesh users and gmsh team,

I'm using gmsh to mesh a 3D domain (unstructured tetrahedral). My
simulations require a refinement over a line but I don't know how to obtain
a specific element size, namely, increase the element size from a given
point *P* as follows:

|-----------------|-------------|------------|---------|------- *P*
        *A*/2         *A*/4        *A*/8      *A*/16   *A*/32   *A*/32   *A*/16
    *A*/8         *A*/4         *A*/2

where *A *is the characteristic length in the domain. Which is the correct
way to get the desired refinement? I'm not sure if a field attractor is a
good solution, if yes, how setup it?

Best regards
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