[Gmsh] saving the mesh for a subdomain separately

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Le mardi, novembre 20, 2018 10:07 AM, Abiti Adili <aadili1 at lsu.edu> a écrit :

> Thank you very much for your time.

You're welcome.

> I am a quite a beginner in Gmsh and I am grateful for your kind reply. I would appreciate it if I could ask the following questions.

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> (1) Does that mean I have to define a physical volume for the sphere as well?


> (2) I might not have understood what you meant and I am a little bit confused about the idea of including the whole .geo file into the scripts that define the subdomain.

"Include" is a keyword in the Gmsh GEO file syntax; see


The idea is to have something like the "sphere.geo" attached.  In full, it is:

Include "geometry.geo";
Physical Volume("sphere") = {1};

And then similarly for the box.

> If I assume the .geo file I included in my last email is geometry.geo and it creates cube with a sphere in it. Would it be possible for you to give a bit more elaboration on how the idea of splitting and syntax of inclusion achieve the mesh for my desired subdomain?

Sure.   See attached.  Actually I missed a couple of defects in the original GEO code:

* The Volume defined there is the whole box, and hasn't had the sphere subtracted.  It should read

Volume(1) = {1}; // the sphere
Volume(2) = {1, 2};  // outside the sphere

* Don't define any physical entities in the common geometry.geo file.

These are rectified in the attached geometry.geo.

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