[Gmsh] listing elements according to which physical volume they belong to

Abiti Adili aadili1 at lsu.edu
Mon Nov 26 02:43:13 CET 2018


I have a geometry.geo file that creates a box with two small balls in it. I used omnibus.geo file that utilize the geometry.geo. Using this file, I created a 3D mesh over the box(as well as the two balls in it). I need to be able to have a mesh( created over the box) so that the gmsh file  lists the tetrahedral elements according which physical  volume( ball1, ball2, or the complement of them in the box) they belong to.

The files I currently have are not quite generating what I wanted, it is only listing the elements belong to the complement. I would greatly appreciate if someone can take a look at them and point out the mistakes I made.

I attached the two files I have above.

Thank you very much.


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