[Gmsh] Use of OpenCASCADE with an STL file?

Gavin Ridley gavin.keith.ridley at gmail.com
Mon Jan 7 05:24:13 CET 2019

Hello all,

I'd like to define a volume using an OpenCASCADE Box entity, then subtract
a volume defined by an STL from it.

I have attempted to Merge my .stl file into the geometry with the
OpenCASCADE kernel already loaded, then attempt the same operation as
above. This is the behavior I expect to work, for instance, attempting:

> Merge "dingding.stl";
Surface Loop(1) = {1};
> Volume(1) = {1};
// And some more stuff...

Unexpectedly ends up giving:

Error   : Unknown OpenCASCADE surface with tag 1
> Error   : 'dingding.geo', line 3 : Could not add surface loop
> Error   : Unknown OpenCASCADE surface loop with tag 1
> Error   : 'dingding.geo', line 4 : Could not add volume

And without OpenCASCADE, the volume gets created successfully.

Is it the case that OpenCASCADE and merged .stl files are incompatible at
the moment in gmsh? Ideally I'd like to generate a CFD mesh for an
obstruction ( from.stl file) in a channel (from OpenCASCADE geometry),
generating a boundary layer mesh as well around the STL file.

Gavin Ridley
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