[Gmsh] Embedded Curve in Volumes

Sotiris Bakogiannis sotbako at gmail.com
Tue Feb 19 10:57:39 CET 2019

Good morning,

pretty straightforward problem here.
I'm using gmsh 4.1.5 and I want to embed one curve in two (2) volumes. The
curve stretches from one volume and then inside the other. Take a look at
the example.

Box(1) = {0, 0, 0, 15, 15, 15};
Extrude {7, 0, 0} {
Line(21) = {2, 11};
Curve{21} In Volume{1};
Curve{21} In Volume{2};

Basically it is a box, then an extrusion of one of its surfaces to form the
second volume and a line from one volume corner to the other volume. Then I
embed the curve in each volume. Trying to 3D Mesh the system, gmsh crashes.
I've tried it with all gmsh versions >4 and same thing happens.

Any clue? Should the curve be entirely inside each volume that is to be
embedded? I guess so. Must I split the curve if it stretches across
different volumes?

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