[Gmsh] Splines in OpenCascade Kernel

Giorgio Palma gior.palma at gmail.com
Wed Mar 6 11:54:20 CET 2019

Dear All,
I was playing around with splines and, as reported in the official gmsh
documentation, when using the opencascade kernel (OCK) the "Spline" command
produces a C2 BSpline instead of a Catmull-Rom Spline (CRS). This means
that the resulting curve is no longer passing through the given primitive
points when using the OCK.
I find this behaviour annoying for my purposes and I am looking for a way
around to work with OCK and still having CRS (or equivalent curves that
guarantees the passage through primitive points). Obviously Linear segments
would do the trick but I'd rather avoid this solution.
Has anyone experienced this issue?Is there any way to force the "spline"
command to use the CRS inside OCK?
All the best,
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