[Gmsh] Problem with Reading the mesh generated into freefem.

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Hi Geordie,

Thank you for your reply. In my case I imported my geometry from CAD program. It consists of a 2d sea domain delimited by the coastline in the bottom. In this case, as I imported the geometry using opencascade, I don’t know which is the way of changing the orientation of this. I know of a command that adjusts the normals in 3d  called “Geometry.OCCAutofix=0”.

I checked also that when the program generates the mesh it displays a warning error due to It can’t orient the normal of the Surface.

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Hi there. I'll look into this in more detail back in the office tomorrow, but just quickly, I'm very familiar with this error message. It means that the surface is not oriented consistently. Gmsh is always three-dimensional so it doesn't have an idea of clockwise, e.g.

The usual remedy is to change the sign on some of the curves defining the surfaces in Gmsh. Does that make sense in your application?

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