[Gmsh] Gmsh crashes exporting vec fields in .pvtu format

Marco Tiberga M.Tiberga at tudelft.nl
Wed Nov 20 17:43:11 CET 2019

Good evening,

I would like to report a bug I found.

I needed to export a vector field in pvtu format (via File -> Export). However, Gmsh crashes as soon as it starts the export process. This does not happen when I export scalar fields.
However, I knew I was once able to do it. So, I went back with the versions, and I found out that the first buggy version is 2.14.1 (at that time, the export was done via File -> Save As).

I understand this is a minor bug (and the fix is not even urgent as far as I am concerned, as I was able to export my field using Gmsh 2.14.0), but it is useful to report it anyway.

Best regards,
Marco Tiberga
PhD candidate
Delft University of Technology
Faculty of Applied Sciences
Radiation Science & Technology Department
Mekelweg 15, 2629 JB Delft, The Netherlands
E-Mail: m.tiberga at tudelft.nl<mailto:m.tiberga at tudelft.nl>
Website: http://www.nera.rst.tudelft.nl/

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