[Gmsh] getMeshElementByCoord in API

MA Ariza-Gracia miguel.ariza at artorg.unibe.ch
Thu Nov 28 09:23:23 CET 2019

Dear Gmsh users,

I'm using the function "getMeshElementByCoord" to look for all the 
elements that are connected to a node of given coordinates (x, y, z). 
The function is always returning a single element even though there 
could be 3-4 elements sharing the node.

Is this because "getMeshElementByCoord" is just returning the first 
element after the octree search? I also tried setting 'strict' to false, 
but it is still returning a single element.

Is there a (built-in) way of retrieving all the elements with the common 
node? (i.e., not me loading the full connectivity and looking for the 



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