GMSH on SGI running IRIX 6.5

Christophe Geuzaine Christophe.Geuzaine at
Mon Mar 20 13:52:38 CET 2000

"Makky S. Jaya" wrote:
> Dear Mr. Geuzaine,
> I am trying now to install "gmsh-IRIX64" on my workstation SGI
> Indogo 2 running IRIX 6.5. It did not work with the report:
>    [13:09]iagjaya at iagsg10:~/bin> gmsh-IRIX64
>    gmsh-IRIX64: Program not supported by architecture.

Maybe your machine is 32 bits? Here is an executable built by using the
native CC compiler with the -o32 flag. Please tell me if it works: I'll
change the version on the web site consequently.

Christophe Geuzaine

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