[Gmsh] Socket client listening to external program

José M. Sancho jsancho at aq.upm.es
Mon Nov 21 18:53:42 CET 2005

Dear Gmsh Team:

Thanks again for the answer to my previous question.  In fact I was  
using the BoundingBox command but
as I use MacOSX 1.60 binaries I have to upgrade to the snapshot. I  
have to recompile.....

New question:
Is it possible that gmsh Socket.Client listen to an external program  
not launched from gmsh?
I try to adapt the example file "solver.cpp" but I have problems to  
indicate the correct socket and
connection is not achieved.

By the way, I now include a cite to gmsh in my papers.
Attached is a view obtained with gmsh.
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