[Gmsh] Socket client listening to external program

Christophe Geuzaine christophe.geuzaine at case.edu
Mon Nov 21 20:51:57 CET 2005

José M. Sancho wrote:
> Dear Gmsh Team:
> Thanks again for the answer to my previous question.  In fact I was 
> using the BoundingBox command but
> as I use MacOSX 1.60 binaries I have to upgrade to the snapshot. I have 
> to recompile.....
> New question:
> Is it possible that gmsh Socket.Client listen to an external program not 
> launched from gmsh?
> I try to adapt the example file "solver.cpp" but I have problems to 
> indicate the correct socket and
> connection is not achieved.

Yes, you should start Gmsh with the "-listen" command line option. It's
still a bit experimental (and we should add a way to specify this in the
user interface), but it already works quite well.

For example, in gmsh/utils/solvers/c++:

 > gmsh -listen &
 > ./solver.exe -socket ~/.gmshsock

> By the way, I now include a cite to gmsh in my papers.
> Attached is a view obtained with gmsh.



> Thanks
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