[Gmsh] moving particles

Jozsef Bakosi jbakosi at gmu.edu
Mon Nov 21 22:15:25 CET 2005


I'm saving time-evolution data into gmsh postprocess-format. So far I
only had a fixed mesh and function values changing in the nodes as time
passed, so I could create animations. Now, I'd like to put particles
into my domain and would like to see where the particles are going
during timestepping.

If I create a View with scalar points (SP) that visually gives me what
I want (a bunch of dots on a still picture), but now I'd like to see the
same with the particles moved to different positions. Is it possible to
write the data into a format that gmsh can show this at different

I am looking at the manual, but I can only see saving data connected to
points that don't move (eg. their coordinates remain the same and only
their function values change). So I guess I would need the opposite: the
value at a point remains the same, but the position changes.

Can this be done?

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