[Gmsh] 2D geometry: airfoil - spline, bezier or B-spline

Nikola Zizkovsky zizkovsk at aerospace.fsik.cvut.cz
Tue Dec 6 16:26:16 CET 2005

Hi folks,

I have one problem (I hope only one).
I would like to mesh 2D airfoil...it's quite easy, but: I have to split this section for two curves.

Problem is that I have no idea how to keep tangency (and curvative) boundary condition. Well one idea is on the way: using bezier curve than spline, but here in Gmsh i can put only 4 nodes to bezier expression-list. So, is here any way how to put more than 4 nodes to Bezier?

Which type of BSpline is integrated? Uniformed/non-Uniformed ...

BTW: just now i have only spline nodes and I will have to count bezier nodes:-(

Nikola Zizkovsky

PS> GMSH is very powerful tool

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