[Gmsh] Geometric scaling of STP files

Bill Milewski bmilewski at aphysci.com
Wed Apr 14 22:47:19 CEST 2010



I recently started working with GMSH and have encountered odd behaviors
related to scaling geometry imported from Rhinoceros CAD via STEP or IGES
files.  I have not seen anything in the FAQ or Wiki related to these issues.


1.	Where is the default geometric scale factor set?  (I am using the
GUI initially.)  The coordinates in the STEP file are consistent with my CAD
model.  When I save GEO and MSH files from gmsh the coordinates all seem to
be scaled by a factor of 1000 for one model.  However, for a second model
the scale is correct.
2.	Does the Bspline algorithm handle non-uniform weights, repeated
control points and multiple internal knots correctly?  I have a body of
revolution, with singularities at the poles, that seems to behave in a funny


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Bill Milewski, Ph.D.


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