[Gmsh] ReplaceDuplicatePoints malfunction

Jean-Francois Remacle jean-francois.remacle at uclouvain.be
Wed Apr 28 23:05:09 CEST 2010

Le 28-avr.-10 à 22:06, Konstantinos Poulios a écrit :

> After some further experimentation I tend to conclude that there is a
> logical error in the way the avl tree is used in the case of
> "allNonDuplicatedPoints". To my understanding, the comparison function
> "comparePosition" which is used by this tree is not an appropriate
> comparison function. The following 2D example demonstrates what I
> mean:

yes, true, we should use bounding boxes and multidimensional trees...

yet, we're working now on a complete re-writing of Gmsh's modeler, that
will be a true modeler, so be patient, that kind of thing should not  
anymore  ;-)


> Consider the points A(0,0), B(0.5,-1), C(1,-2) and eps = 0.6, in this
> case using the function "comparePosition" to compare A, B and C in
> pairs would yield to:
> A > B (because A.X ~= B.X and A.Y > A.Y)
> B > C (because B.X ~= C.X and B.Y > C.Y)
> A < C (because A.X < C.X)
> which is a logical error.
> I will try to find some fix for the "comparePosition" function and try
> it in praxis.
> If I am indeed right with my considerations, it would be strange that
> I am the first to experience crashes due to this problem.
> Best Regards
> Kostas
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