[Gmsh] Reading OpenCascade files in Gmsh

Martin Vymazal martin.vymazal at vki.ac.be
Tue May 18 13:43:48 CEST 2010

Hello Gmsh developers,

  I have a sample geometry (the geo file is attached to this email),  
which I can read and mesh with the stable version of gmsh. When I try  
with my compiled version of gmsh, I get this:

Error   : 'test.geo', line 7 : syntax error (")
Error   : 'test.geo', line 8 : syntax error (")

I use the file whenever I update my gmsh sources to check if gmsh  
works fine. I didn't have this problem some time ago, and I thought  
maybe I'm doing something wrong now. However, the same happens when I  
try to load the file with the automated nightly build of gmsh. Is this  
a bug?

Best regards,

  Martin Vymazal

P.S. What should be the correct extension for this type of file (not  
sure geo is the best option)?

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L1 = 10; R1=2.2;
L2 = 45; R2=2.15;
L3 = 45; R3=2.15;

OCCShape("Cylinder",{0,0,0,  0,0,1,   R1, L1},"None");