[Gmsh] physical groups from CAD import

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I'm no expert (yet), but I'll try an answer...
If you see physical objects in the tools-visibility-tree browser list,
they are defined and appear in the mesh too. If you export in MSH
format, it's the fourth column in the element definitions (for code
aster call GM1, GM2, etc.) If you use MED format, call G-2D-1, G-3D-4,
... from code aster.
If the physical groups don't appear in GMSH, you might want to use STEP
to transfer from Salome to GMSH. It's a bit more complicated, as the
physical groups are imported into GMSH with the same order as defined in
the step file, but the names are discarded of course.
Hope this helps.

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From: Jan Schmitz [mailto:schmitz_j at ymail.com] 
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Subject: [Gmsh] physical groups from CAD import

I am wondering whether it is possible to define physical groups in a CAD
geometry (especially using OpenCascade) which will be recognized by Gmsh
in the meshing process.

I have created a simple geometry using Salome, named the primitive
bodies and their boundary faces, and imported it as BRep file into gmsh.
However, the resulting mesh contains no physicals.

Is it possible to define physical groups using CAD tools in the BRep
file, or do I have to define them manually in Gmsh? What are the
required steps?


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