[Gmsh] physical groups not displaying correctly from home made msh file

Danny Lathouwers - TNW D.Lathouwers at tudelft.nl
Tue Aug 3 16:42:19 CEST 2010

Dear gmsh users,
I have made a mesh from an existing mesh by bisection and want to view
if it is fine in gmsh. 
It is fine in fact, however the physical groups are not showing
correctly. It always displays 30003 throughout the mesh, while the
file clearly contains regions having 10001 and 20002 as well. If I try
to turn things on and off under tools/visibility this does not work.
Deleting 30003 however does work and then the full mesh displays 20002.
Hmmmm, I am puzzled. Anyone know what's wrong with this file. Is the
format slightly off because of all the spaces in it?
Danny Lathouwers
Delft University of Technology
The Netherlands
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