[Gmsh] gmsh datafile format

Dalton Harvie daltonh at unimelb.edu.au
Tue Sep 14 07:34:45 CEST 2010

Dear Christophe,

I've been using gmsh for a few months now and am a big fan.

I've built a new FV solver that uses the gmsh datafile format for output and storage/reuse purposes (will be released soon under the GNU GPL).

As well as spatially varying data, I want to include scalar, vector and tensor values that have no spatial location in this file.  I've been using the following $Data/$EndData statements in the files to do this, for example for a scalar:

     1      -0.156993E-02

gmsh doesn't complain about these statements.  The integer tags are the same as for other kinds of data - timestep, number of components (1, 3 or 9), number of data statements (=1).

Are you interested in incorporating something like this into the file specification?  Do you have plans to be able to handle non-spatial data in gmsh?

Thanks, Dalton.

Dalton Harvie

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