[Gmsh] msh format

Marco Bajo marco.bajo at gmail.com
Sun Nov 14 00:48:33 CET 2010

Dear developers,

I'm using Gmsh to create a triangular 2D grid of the Adriatic Sea. The
hydrodynamic model
I'm using doesn't support the msh format, so I thought to write a perl
script to convert it.
I need only the following parameters:

id_node1   lon1   lat1
id_node2   lon2   lat2

id_elem1   id_node_a1   id_node_b1   id_node_c1
id_elem2   id_node_a2   id_node_b2   id_node_c2

I don't know how to extract the coordinates of the nodes in lat-lon and the
numbers of the nodes used in the elements.
Can you help me?

Thank you,
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