[Gmsh] msh format

Mikhail Titov mlt at gmx.us
Fri Nov 19 17:03:51 CET 2010


File format is well documented.

Actual number of nodes used in elements can be calculated in case you have orphaned nodes (you shouldn't have if you define physical surface). If you like perl, you can use hash with dummy value assigned and then count number of keys to get the number of nodes used to define elements.

If you was working with projected coordinates, GDAL can help you. See http://search.cpan.org/dist/Geo-GDAL/ for perl solution.


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Subject: [Gmsh] msh format

Dear developers,

I'm using Gmsh to create a triangular 2D grid of the Adriatic Sea. The hydrodynamic model
I'm using doesn't support the msh format, so I thought to write a perl script to convert it.
I need only the following parameters:

id_node1   lon1   lat1
id_node2   lon2   lat2

id_elem1   id_node_a1   id_node_b1   id_node_c1
id_elem2   id_node_a2   id_node_b2   id_node_c2

I don't know how to extract the coordinates of the nodes in lat-lon and the
numbers of the nodes used in the elements.
Can you help me?

Thank you,