[Gmsh] periodic surfaces of a cube

Martin Genet genet at lmt.ens-cachan.fr
Tue Dec 7 21:47:48 CET 2010

Dear all,

I have found the following behavior that seems very weird to me. The 
attached code generates a non-structured but periodic cube. It works 
fine when the size of the cube (L in the code) is 10, but it fails when 
the size of the cube is 1, even though there are always 10 nodes per 
side (l = L/10 in the code)... Is there something wrong I am doing? To 
test the code, I simply run:
> gmsh -3 test.geo; gmsh test.msh

Many thanks in advance for your precious help,


On 10/13/2009 02:30 AM, Martin Genet wrote:
> A solution is attached. Many thanks! Martin.
> On lundi 12 octobre 2009 21:34:33, Martin Genet wrote:
>> Hello all!
>> I am trying to generate the faces of a cube with periodic meshes. However, I do not succeed.
>> The code is attached. I do not get any error, but only the first two surfaces are generated. A few points:
>>   - I can generate each pair of surfaces independantly: the problem only occurs when I try to generate all surfaces in the same code.
>>   - When I change the extrude vectors (e.g. -L instead of L), everything is alright and I get all surfaces.
>>   - When I change the extrude vector of the second and third pairs (e.g. -L instead of L), only the extruded surfaces are generated, and I get some "Error : Unknown source surface 42 for extrusion".
>> Many thanks for your help!
>> Martin.
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