[Gmsh] Gmsh bug

Mikhail Artemiev artemiev.mikhail at ngs.ru
Wed Dec 8 11:13:41 CET 2010

Hi, everybody!

I think that I found a bug in Gmsh (version 2.5.0).

I don't know about nightly version of Gmsh, because I can't compile source 
code because of errors:
1. 'round': identifier not found 
d:\Public\artemiev\gmsh-2.5.1-svn-20101208-source\Plugin\GSHHS.cpp 562
2. 'postProcessExtraEdges' : must return a value 
3. 'GModel::getEdgesByStringTag' : must return a value 
d:\public\artemiev\gmsh-2.5.1-svn-20101208-source\geo\gmodel.cpp 271

I build gmsh.exe using Visual Studio 2008 in Microsoft Windows Server 2003 
R2 Enterprise Edition sp2.
I generate the mesh using command 'gmsh mygeo.geo -3 -bin -o mymesh.msh'.
In 'mymesh.msh' file I found that in section $Elements$EndElements in 
element-header-binary second integer value ("the number of elements that 
follow" - quote from manual) is equal 1 (allways for my geometry, though 
this number must equal some value >1). This bug is absent in Gmsh version 

Mikhail Artemiev, PhD student, NSTU