[Gmsh] 10 nodes tetrahedron elements

Nathan BENKEMOUN Nathan.Benkemoun at univ-nantes.fr
Thu Mar 22 16:58:56 CET 2012

Dear all,

I would like to mesh a structure using 10-nodes tetrahedron elements. To
do that, I create my .geo, I open it with GMSH, then I switch
to the msh mode then I click on the 3D option and I obtain a mesh with 4
nodes tetrahedron elements, then I move to set order
I click on the option 2 and I obtain a mesh with 10-nodes tetrahedron
elements. It seems to work but I open this mesh
with paraview and  my mesh is like a cheese, I mean bit of elements are
I have tried "gmsh mygeo.geo -3 -order 2 -o mymesh.msh" but it gives the
same result with paraview.

I guess I do something wrong maybe it's not possible to obtain 10 nodes
tetrahedron elements from 4-nodes tetrahedron elements or maybe there's a
problem with praview ?

Let me know if you have any idea.
Best regards

Nathan Benkemoun
Assistant Professor
University of Nantes, GeM
Civil Engineering Department

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