[Gmsh] typos in the manual

Robin Huart robin.huart at hotmail.fr
Wed Dec 11 10:53:51 CET 2013


I am currently reading about the binary file format in the manual and I 
suppose you may want to know about any error someone can find. In the 
pseudo C code of the element-header-binary section, it seems to me that 
the fwrite function has got one extra '&' in front of "header" and a '2' 
instead of a '3'. If I have the last upadted version of the manual of 
course, but I downloaded it from the main page http://geuz.org/gmsh/ 
only two months ago at the most so I suppose it's the case.

By the way, thank you for developping Gmsh !

Best regards,

Robin Huart

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