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Maryam Ghahremani gol m.ghahremanigol at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 6 06:19:38 CET 2015

 hello Dr.David Colign
I'm new user with Gmsh and trying mesh a cube with holes (cylinder) and stripes, I have some problems.

1)  dimension of my cube is 25*25*10 cm , but I define a cylinder with radius 20 micrometer and height 23 cm , it wasn't seen obviously. ??? 
2) I cant   translate  cylinders with space 5 micrometer of next?

3) also I want to define strips with 25 micrometer  width and 23 centimeter height  and  translate theme  ,with space 5 micrometer of next,  they replace up and buttom  cylinders, I  can copy them but they wasn't seen obviously?????
Please find enclosed my    c4-2.geo. it is attached for you.  please guide me.                                                   Thank you for your attention to  this letter. I look forward to your reply.  
Wishing you the best New Year ever!! I hope it's filled with lots of good fortune and lots progress.




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