[Gmsh] 2D mesh error message

Mikhail Artemyev artemiev.mikhail at gmail.com
Thu Jan 15 15:26:28 CET 2015


Your lines have length 1, while the characteristic length of the mesh 
you defined was 10.
What happens if you set lc = 1?
With only one line embedded it works fine for me (and 
RandomFactor=1e-8), but I didn't try for all 50K of them.


On 01/15/2015 02:29 AM, gmsh-request at ace20.montefiore.ulg.ac.be wrote:
> Hi,
> I have encountered the issue "*Identical points in triangulation: increase
> element size or Mesh.RandomFactor*" in my 2D geometry file. After looking
> into previous support mails, I changed the Mesh.RandomFactor to 1e-8, 1e-7
> until 1e-2. However, it still fails. Could you tell me what other option I
> should try since I am pretty new to Gmsh?
> My geometry is simple. I have a surface with size 1100 by 210. Also, there
> are 50K lines with length 1 embedded in that surface.
> Thanks for your help in advance!
> Best,
> YC

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