[Gmsh] Bug in handling option "Mesh.MinimumCirclePoints"

Serban Georgescu Serban.Georgescu at uk.fujitsu.com
Fri Feb 13 10:43:47 CET 2015


I've recently tried to use the option "Mesh.MinimumCirclePoints" to set the minimum number of points when meshing a circle.
However, I found this option has no effect.
Another option, similar to this one, "Mesh.MinimumCurvePoints" is indeed working and it can be used for the purpose above, however the former is much better suited for my needs.

I've looked inside the Gmsh source code (version 2.8.5) and found the issue is in OCCEdge.cpp file, OCCEdge::minimumMeshSegments() function. That function treats as a curve anything that is not a Line, hence MinimumCirclePoints is never used.

I've fixed the bug in the following way:
File: OCCEdge.cpp
<   else if (getBeginVertex() == getEndVertex())
<       np = CTX::instance()->mesh.minCircPoints - 1;

Could this be included in the SVN version?

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