[Gmsh] Surface in parametric form fed to gmsh : possible?

Jesús Garicano Mena jesus.garicano.mena at upm.es
Mon Feb 16 11:02:13 CET 2015


Is it possible to feed to gmsh a surface in parametric form?

The surface is of the kind:
x = a*cos(Theta) - eps * exp( 10(a*Cos(Theta))^2 )
y = y
z = b*sin(Theta) - eps * exp( 10(a*Cos(Theta))^2 )

with Theta in (0,Pi/2), y = (-L, L). The objective is to mesh such surface
with a structured quadrilateral mesh.

I am aware of the answer
Have things changed in gmsh since then?

If not, are there alternatives to obtain the same effect?

Thanks in advance


Jesús Garicano Mena
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
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