[Gmsh] connecting a spherical to a planar surface

Eloïse Croonenborghs Eloise.Croonenborghs at marintek.sintef.no
Tue May 5 16:04:21 CEST 2015

Dear Gmsh users and developers,

I am trying to generate a mesh which is a sort of deformed cube:

-        The top must be a planar surface

-        The bottom must be a spherical surface
The problem comes when building the four sides connecting the planar surface to the spherical surface: the sides aren't planar surface or spherical surfaces (please look at the small test-case in attachment).

One alternative to the attached test-case could be to use "planar" curved edges on the top, corresponding to projections of the "spherical" curved edges from the bottom. The top and bottom could then be connected with cylindrical side faces. But I haven't found cylindrical surfaces in Gmsh.

Do you see a possible solution? Any suggestion is welcome :)

Best regards,
Eloïse Croonenborghs, Fluid Dynamics Engineer
Research Scientist
MARINTEK - Maritime Division, Ship Resistance and Propulsion
Mobile: +47 92678061

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