[Gmsh] problem with gmsh to Freefem mesh?

Julien Derr julien.derr at gmail.com
Thu May 7 16:24:51 CEST 2015

Thanks again Geordie,

I forgot the freefem file, but it was just
mesh Th = readmesh("freefem_mesh.mesh");

so It seems the problem commes from my version of gmsh, I am still at 2.5
I'll update it.

or else Mathias mentioned optimize3D, what is the syntax/use of this option



I didn’t run your example, but how about Mesh > Optimize3D? This has solved
problems with malformed meshes for me in the past.



On Thu, May 7, 2015 at 2:02 AM, Geordie McBain <gdmcbain at freeshell.org>

> 2015-05-06 22:53 GMT+10:00 Julien Derr <julien.derr at gmail.com>:
> > Hi Georgie,
> >
> > here is a minimum example: if you run the script.sh you would get the
> error,
> Hello.  No, actually, it seemed to work fine here.  I wasn't sure what
> freefem.edp was supposed to contain so wrote a simple one solving a
> Dirichlet problem for the oblong island using P1 triangular elements.
> I think that that should fail if any elements had nonpositive
> Jacobians.
> mesh Th = readmesh("freefem_mesh.mesh");
> fespace Vh(Th, P1);
> Vh u, v;
> solve laplace(u, v) =
>   int2d(Th)(dx(v) * dx(u) + dy(v) * dy(u))
>   + on(27, u=1) + on(16, 17, 18, 19, u=0);
> plot(u, ps="u.eps");
> My versions are Gmsh 2.8.4 and FreeFem++ 3.340000 (10 février 2015),
> both compiled locally from SVN/hg sources on 64-bit Debian testing.
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