[Gmsh] RE cut hole into half space

Jaco Du Plessis j.duplessis1 at uq.edu.au
Tue May 19 06:17:10 CEST 2015

The 8484 lines are required because the radius of the hole changes as a 
function of depth.  We are looking to investigate the effect of this 
change in radius. I was trying to have a cubic box which I could 
generate using a square surface and then extruding it. I was looking 
from a way to cut the drill hole into the cube. However I realized I did 
not need to whole drill hole and as such I will change the way I go 
about this. I am still curious if there is some way with gmsh to cut one 
volume from another?

On 18/05/15 22:36, jean pierre aubry wrote:
> hello
> a sketch of what you want would be very helpful
> i do not understand why you need 8484 lines of .geo file to produce a
> geometry that looks very simple to me
> unless i miss something

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