[Gmsh] Asking for help about Gmsh.

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Thu May 28 10:06:51 CEST 2015

Dear Sir;

I am a student who is writing my own script for a small finite element computing program. Thus I need code to mesh my structure. Actually, I only need the code to mesh a section of my structure. In my idea, I give the shape data of the section and mesh control parameter, then the code compute and finally output the coordinates of points, the points on an each element.

After I searched on the internet, your code is powerful and open sourced. Thus I want to use some of your scripts directly or as reference.

After a few days of study,  I cannot figure out the how you realize your program. Thus could you please give me some hints for my problems and explain a little about your way to organize your code.

In my idea, you must devide your code into about two part, one for GUI operation, one for computing.

I only care the part of computing, Thus could you please explain a little the data and the structure of data I have to pass to mesh function? And which class store those datas? Moreover, Could give me a hint of your command streams?

what is your concepts of 1D,2D,3D mesh and higher order mesh?  where to choose the right method I want to use for mesh in the code?

If you could write a manual for your code, I think your code would act a more inportant role in academy.

Thank you for your help.

Best regards;

Zhengchao Wang.

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