[Gmsh] - Definition of volume with complex concave holes on the boundaries

Johannes Wimmer johannes.wimmer at rwth-aachen.de
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Hello Simone,
do you need to generate such structures at random? You could also have a 
Voronoi cell being trimmed by two domain faces without a broken domain 
edge. In general, it is rather hard to write the *.geo file for these 
structures if there is still domain present. If you only want Voronoi 
cells (taking up the whole space) in an e.g. cubic domain, I recommend 
having a look at Neper: http://neper.sourceforge.net/

I've attached a pic of the structures i am generating, they're supposed 
to resemble asphalt concrete. Although i cannot give you my code right 
now, I could generate some geometries for you if you specify what you want.


On 22.06.2015 14:05, Simone Falco wrote:
> Hello,
> I am trying to generate a 3D mesh of a prismatic domain with a
> concave - Voronoi based - inclusion that shares 2 faces with the
> prism (see attached file). However, the software seems unable to
> recognise the volume formed by the prism and inclusion faces, despite
> the fact that the surfaces bound a closed volume.
> Does anybody have any suggestion that could help me? Best regards
> Simone
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