[Gmsh] Upgrade Errors

Feola, Andrew J andrew.feola at bme.gatech.edu
Mon Jun 22 19:33:20 CEST 2015


I created a geometry in gmsh 2.8.3, and it meshes fine.  However, when I upgraded to gmsh 2.9.3 I get the error 'The 1D mesh seems not to be forming a closed loop' for a single line loop in my geometry.  I get the message 'Starting subloop 1 in Line Loop 44 <are you sure about this?>' when I load my geometry, and this refers to the region that gmsh no longer can mesh.  I do not have a hole in my geometry, but the region it is referring to is surrounded on 3 sides by separate line loops that create different surfaces.   I don't quite understand why I get this message and error. If you have any insight I would appreciate it.


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