[Gmsh] Hex-dominant meshing of STL surface

Gunnar Jansen jansen.gunnar at gmail.com
Fri Jul 17 11:18:46 CEST 2015

Dear all,

I am experimenting with the gmsh hex-dominated algorithm for stl surfaces.
In order to use a simple example I chose one of the stl remeshing examples
from the wiki and tried to build a hex-dominated mesh on it. However, when
I run the 3D meshing I get an ANN error : "ANN: ERROR------->Requesting
more near neighbours than data points<-------------ERROR"

I can only guess what went wrong inside, but it seems the neighbour search
does not work with the nodes generated on the 2D stl mesh.

Any hints on how to tackle this problem are greatly appreciated!


PS: The .geo file I used is the following:

Geometry.HideCompounds = 0; // show underlying STL
Mesh.RemeshAlgorithm=1; //(0) nosplit (1) automatic (2) split metis
Merge "skull.stl";
Compound Surface(200)={1};
Physical Surface (501)={200};

Surface Loop(2) = 1;
Volume(3) = 2;

Mesh.Algorithm3D = 9; //(1=tetgen, 4=netgen, 7=MMG3D, 9=R-tree)
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