[Gmsh] STL import problems

Mark Smith piedycat at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 28 12:03:51 CET 2016

 HiI'm importing an stl file from solidworks using the following .geo file
Geometry.HideCompounds = 0; // show underlying STL
Geometry.AutoCoherence = 1;
Mesh.RemeshAlgorithm=1; //(0) nosplit (1) automatic (2) split metis 
Merge "stl_test.stl";
Compound Surface(2)={1};
Physical Surface(200) = {2};
But I get the following warning "duplicate triangles in stl file" and when I try to surface remesh gmsh crashes (ver 2.11.0),Does this have a work around or is my .geo file wrong?
Thanks in advance,RegardsMark
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