[Gmsh] Help with making a volume mesh

Brian Drawert brian at drawert.net
Fri Jan 29 21:00:58 CET 2016

Hi Gmsh mailing list,

I am kinda new to Gmsh, and have yet to find a good resource to answer my questions.  I am hoping that someone on the list can help me.

I have attached a mesh.  It it, I am making a mesh that have 4 volumes, and is symmetric along the YZ plane, and uniform along the z-axis.  On each side, there is an inner volume that inside the outer volume.  I am drawing the points along the left z=0 surface, mirroring to the right side, then extruding the surfaces to make the volumes.  However, when try to mesh with a 3D mesh, I get lots of errors about “Could not find extruded vertex” (41 errors), and I am not extruding the right side.  When this is done the mesh looks unphysical (see attached screenshot v2.11 on OSX).

I also tried to make this mesh using a surface loop, but I was unable to figure out how to use translate or symmetry to duplicate a line loop, so I could not make a complete surface.

Any assistance or pointers to where I might find documentation on how to compete this process would be greatly appreciated.


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