[Gmsh] partition a mesh created in another program in GMSH format

Umut Tabak - 3ME U.Tabak at tudelft.nl
Sat Jan 30 12:55:53 CET 2016

Dear all,

I am using the commercial FE code ANSYS in order to assemble and export the system matrices of the problems that I am working on. Lately, I am working on a method for domain decomposition in vibro-acoustics. I had some experience with partitioning in GMSH before however that was some years ago. In brief, I am writing a mesh file in GMSH format with my ANSYS interface. So I can open this in GMSH gui without any problems and perform all the operations on this mesh.

I have two questions at this point, namely,

1. ) I am looking for ways to automate the partitioning from the command line. I could not find a way with the command line options. So, I do not want to mesh any geometries but just partition the mesh which is already available in GMSH format. I can of course perform this operation from the gui. But I was wondering how I can accomplish this task also on the command line to automate partitioning with GMSH. I tried many things without success.

2.) Is there a log file that saves the operations performed from the gui? Then I can check the exact commands there in the file?

Thanks in advance.
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