[Gmsh] Gmsh parallel delaunay algorithm (3d)

Андрей Демченко blackdeman at gmail.com
Tue Apr 19 12:24:04 CEST 2016

I am student from Belarus and I am interested in gmsh implementation of
parallel delaunay algorithm (using openmp) for my course project. I have
read this article (
http://www.imr.sandia.gov/papers/imr24/01_IMR24_Remacle.pdf) and wanted to
test speedup of gmsh implementation comparing to tetgen 1.5 and to my own
implementation but faced some problems.
I have downloaded gmsh sources, extracted files related to 3d delaunay
triangulation (such as Mesh/delaunay3d.cpp, Mesh/delaunay3d_private.h
etc.), compiled it but recognized that there are some problems and checks
(for exampe under FIXME in delaunay3d_private.h) that doesn't allow to run
that code without modification for more than one thread using openmp. Am i
right that gmsh implementation is not ready for parallel processing yet?
Sorry for my bad English and thank you.
Best regards, Andrew Demchenko.
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