[Gmsh] Ask for help about triangle-tetrahedron mixed meshing

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if you have two adjacent bodies with duplicated interfaces, gmsh cannot make a matching mesh except for simple cases. You can try the "cut and merge faces"functionality.
If thyt doesn't work, you have to embed the smaller surface into the bigger one so that the interface is unique. Then you will get a matching mesh for both bodies.



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To whom it may concern,
Hello! I am a user of Gmsh and I've been using it for my research for a long time in the field of computational electromagnetics. Thank you for your contribution to this application!
Here I have two questions regarding Gmsh. First, I've already known that the 2D surface will be meshed into triangles and the 3D volume will be meshed into tetrahedrons in Gmsh. When a 3D volume is in touch with a 2D surface, they will share a certain face. Just on this interface, rather than the mesh shown in Fig.1, could you possibly make the triangles in the meshed tetrahedrons match up with those in the meshed surface like Fig.2 maybe through some appropriate settings? Second, how can I translate a closed surface (e.g. a spherical surface) into a volume (e.g. a solid sphere)?
This question is really important for my ongoing research. Could you please answer it when you're free? Thank you so much. Looking forward to your reply.

[cid:image001.png at 01D1C0AF.2B26D4F0][cid:image002.png at 01D1C0AF.2B26D4F0]
                                                       Fig.1      Mismatched meshes on the interface                                                                      Fig.2 Matching meshes on the interface
 Edward Liu
Beijing Institute of Technology


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