[Gmsh] Tag For Internal Mesh Elements

Francesco Lohengrin Romeo keccogrin at gmail.com
Tue Jun 7 20:13:07 CEST 2016


I am using Gmsh for creating structured 2d meshes of quadrilaters (by
defining Transfinite Lines and then Transfinite Surfaces).
Is it possible (and if yes, how?) to assign a "Physical Tag" to a specific
group of elements of the mesh? and how about specific edges of the mesh?
Indeed, my goal is to export the ".msh" output file (version 2.2) and to
let the (external) solver know if some elements of the mesh must be
considered as obstacles in a fluid flow.
I know how to assign Physical Tags to Geometrical Elementary Entities...
but not to Mesh Elements. Is this possible??? Please tell me if I'm looking
for something that does not exist!!!


Francesco L. Romeo

p.s.1.: I would prefer not to insert holes in the mesh to define the
obstacles, because my solver uses a "direct addressing mode"
(indirizzamento diretto) for Carthesian 2d meshes...
p.s.2.: I would like not to modify manually the ".msh" file to define these
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