[Gmsh] Openfoam conversion problem

WONMIN JEONG w.jeong at stud.uis.no
Thu Jul 14 15:58:56 CEST 2016


I am trying to study flow over 3D cylinder and made 2D structured mesh with Gmsh(2.12), then extruded to get 3D mesh, then imported to openfoam.

First, there is error while conversion.


Found 8240 undefined faces in mesh; adding to default patch.


Other things are looks good.

And the another error message on checkMesh as below,


Mesh stats
    points:           538227
    faces:            1500488
    internal faces:   1386592
    cells:            481180
    faces per cell:   6
    boundary patches: 7
    point zones:      0
    face zones:       0
    cell zones:       1

Overall number of cells of each type:
    hexahedra:     481180
    prisms:        0
    wedges:        0
    pyramids:      0
    tet wedges:    0
    tetrahedra:    0
    polyhedra:     0

Checking topology...
    Boundary definition OK.
    Cell to face addressing OK.
    Point usage OK.
    Upper triangular ordering OK.
    Face vertices OK.
   *Number of regions: 2
    The mesh has multiple regions which are not connected by any face.
  <<Writing region information to "0/cellToRegion"
  <<Writing region 0 with 192080 cells to cellSet region0
  <<Writing region 1 with 289100 cells to cellSet region1

I have only one physical volume(cellzones=1), but it divided into 2 cell regions, say into 2 volumes.

And the interface between these 2 regions is the surface, which is converted into default face patch while conversion.

Attache image shows red line, which is the interface which divide domain into 2 regions when extruded, that is not I want.

The inner circle will be the cylinder that the main my issue, and it is hollow.

And in geo file, after extrude I added physical volume like this,

Physical Volume ("3Dcylinder")={1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9};

No surface loop to create volume in my geo file.

Only extrude was used for volume creation.

Can you give me some hints for fixing this problem?

Thanks so much.

Best regards,


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