[Gmsh] Gmsh crash

Martin Kraska martin.kraska at th-brandenburg.de
Fri Jul 15 20:45:26 CEST 2016


when I try to create a compound surface in gmsh 2.13.0-svn-linux 64, I get this error: 

Info : ------------------------------------------------------- 
Info : Gmsh version : 2.13.0-svn 
Info : Build OS : Linux 
Info : Build options : Ann Bamg Bfgs Blas(Generic) Blossom Chaco DIntegration Dlopen Fltk Gmm Jpeg(Fltk) Kbipack Lapack(Generic) LinuxJoystick MathEx Med Mesh Metis Mmg3d Mpeg Netgen ONELAB ONELABMetamodel OpenCascade OpenGL OptHom PETSc Parser Plugins Png(Fltk) Post SLEPc Salome Solver Taucs TetGen/BR Tetgen1.5 Voro3D Zlib 
Info : Build date : 20160715 
Info : Build host : debian 
Info : Packager : geuzaine 
Info : Executable : /home/user/A_Inst_gmsh/gmsh-2.13.0-svn-Linux/bin/gmsh 
Info : Home directory : /home/user/ 
Info : Launch date : Fri Jul 15 20:29:15 2016 
Info : Command line : /home/user/A_Inst_gmsh/gmsh-2.13.0-svn-Linux/bin/gmsh part.geo 
Info : ------------------------------------------------------- 
Info : Reading 'part.geo'... 
Info : Reading 'part.step'... 
Info : Done reading 'part.step' 
Error : Unknown surface 23 
Warning : Could not make generatrices list for compound surface 30 

When I try to mesh this, gmsh crashes. Without the compound surface I can mesh the part without problems, see 


What can I do to properly create a compound surface? 

Best regards, Martin Kraska 

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