[Gmsh] Saving Post-processing information from command line

Wesley Lim wesley.lim at duke.edu
Tue Jul 19 21:00:57 CEST 2016


I'm working on an electric field modeling project using a program called SimNIBS which outputs its solutions within Gmsh.  The electric field solutions are saved in a post processing view.  Thus far, in order to extract electric field values, I have been saving the post processing view in the mesh-based (ASCII) format for processing in MATLAB.  However, this is done through the GUI which can be slow considering the size and complexity of the model (around 500mb) and the number of models I have to process.  Is there a way to save the post-processing view in the mesh-based (ASCII) format through the command line?  This way it could be scriptable.  Or is there another way to do this faster?


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